Rebel Alliance Backpack

Rebel Alliance Backpack
$74.99 on Amazon
Whether you are a Padawan trying to navigate your way through Jedi school or a X-Wing pilot looking for a carry on that matches the unique color profile of your flight suit, this Rebel Alliance Backpack has the style, storage space, and functionality to suit any proud member of the Alliance. It may not be suitable for Ewoks and small younglings because it is a full sized and heavy duty, backpack.

The bag has 8 external pockets: 2 small zippered pockets, 2 small velcro pockets (on the front of the small zipper pockets),1 medium sized zipper pocket, and 1 Rebel Alliance flak vest inspired velcro pocket (on top of the medium zippered pocket), and 2 open flank pockets. The medium pockets are just the right size for storing your tablet or e-rerader so you can beat Skywalker’s high score at that Angry Womprats app.

The impressive (most impressive) main pocket includes a headphone cord portal and protective laptop pouch. The laptop pouch is secured with a velcro strap and can hold up to a 17 inch laptop, If you are in a hurry to access your laptop without digging though all of your stolen blueprints to send a video message to your only hope, this backpack features a side zipper aceess point to the laptop pocket.

This backpack has way more access points than an enemy battle station, but way more secure with irs sturdy construction and comfortable adjustable shoulder straps. The straps even have a built-in, buckeling sternum strap for extra support. You’ll be pleased to note that it is definitely easier to carry than your Jedi Master.

This Rebel Alliance Backpack has everything you need to help further your Rebel cause. Well, except an R2 unit. You’ll have to continue shopping for the droid you are looking for.