Shocking Liar Detector

Shocking Liar Detector
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Turn game night into a zapping blast with the Shocking Liar Lie Detector. Spin the bottle and truth or dare can be jazzed up by adding a little segment with the lie detector to see how they really feel. This is a fun game that allows others to ask you questions while you place your hand into the grooves of the device. If you are telling the truth, life goes on as normal. If you lie while attached to the game, a shocking jolt will send you back to the path of honesty.

Now the jolt is safe, but it is definitely a stinger and will teach players to either become a much better liar or to always tell the truth. The old saying goes, "The Truth Hurts..." In this scenario, the truth is the safest way to keep you from getting hurt. Play this with a large group at a party or one-on-one with a friend or loved one. This will be a fun and entertaining way to keep tabs learn truths.

Be sure to secure the velcro hand strap as it can be tempting to throw it across the room when you think you've covered lie pretty well and then it beeps at you. This hand strap can save you a lot of collateral damage and stress and allow for more fun!