Wright Flyer Airplane Kite

$45.00 on Amazon
When the Wright brothers finally took their machine to the skies on the shores of Kittyhawke, NC in 1903 man had finally defied gravity and could now fly with the birds. And now more than 100 years later, you can celebrate that achievement with the Wright Flyer airplane kite. Just as Wilbur and Orville took off in their first version of the modern airplane, you can take this kite up in the air on your own and vision in your mind what it must have looked like when the first flight ever was made.

The kite is well-designed with a very authentic looking plane design, carefully modeled and crafted after the original airplane which now is on display in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. This is made out of polyester and framed from fiberglass, and is designed to be as tear proof as possible. It's intended to be flown in winds that range from about 8 to 18 mph and the line is about 200 feet in length. Even painted into the kite you can see the pilot lying in a prone position as would've been done in the original.

Even if you do not wish to fly this kite, it can make for a very good decoration to hang from the ceiling of your home and to show off to your friends. The kite is fairly priced and if you love buying items that represent historical value, this is definitely a must have. The kite comes with a set of instructions for assembly and disassembly so when you need to store it away somewhere when not in use, you can do so, but you may wish to check online for better explanation of how to do so. If you're ready to bring the Wright brothers to your home, then this kite is exactly what you're looking for.