Colorful Carrot Seeds

Colorful Carrot Seeds
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When a person thinks of a carrot the most common thought is of an orange vegetable with green leaves. This initial thought is not always the same anymore because colorful carrots are becoming much more popular in gardens across the country. That is correct, carrots are no longer exclusively orange. They can also be red, yellow, purple, white, and even black.

In all honesty, carrots did not actually start out as an orange vegetable. Carrots originated in Middle Asia and it is thought by various historians that this vegetable can even be dated to as far back as Ancient Egypt. The initial cultivation of carrots has not been determined, but it is known that by the 10th century in Afghanistan carrots were being grown in the colors of purple and yellow. It is interesting to note that carrots did not start out being grown for the purpose of eating them, but rather for the purpose of using them as a medicinal herb as well as a type of aphrodisiac.

At first thought carrots which are not thought of as the traditional orange may be slightly strange to actually eat. They do have the same taste as traditionally orange carrots though and they grow at the rate and size of traditional carrots as well. From the day the colorful carrots are planted to the day they are ready to be harvested there is typically a 70 to 75 day waiting period and they will grow to be about 5 to 7 inches in length. Colorful carrots have the ability to add a variety of colors to your diet, to turn a favorite dish into something that looks easily unique, and for all the parents out there colorful carrots may just be the way to get your picky eaters to try out something new.