Colorful Gaming Mouse Mat

Colorful Gaming Mouse Mat
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As a gamer, you don't want to use just any mouse mat. Rather, you want one that is designed to be the height of both style and function: as easy to use as possible for those seamless clicks while still looking great on your desk. Now, you can have everything you've ever hoped for in a mouse pad. This Colorful Gaming Mouse Mat will help take your gaming experience to the next level.

Incredible Responsiveness

When you put your hand on your mouse in the middle of a game, you need it to respond fast. Whether you're whirling to a new corner of the screen or clicking rapidly on an important spot, a mouse glitch can completely throw off the flow of your game. The Colorful Gaming Mouse Mat is perfectly designed to prevent those mouse glitches and make your mouse move smoothly every time. The micro-textured finish ensures that the mouse will keep gliding along the surface of the mouse pad, while the reflective finish keeps your mouse in perfect working order. That textured surface, however, will help grip the mouse, preventing it from sliding when you least want it to--a critical feature for any gamer.

Personalize Your Mat

This colorful mat doesn't just speed your game play. It also allows you to customize the appearance of your gaming station. With more than 16.8 million color options that you can customize to your exact tastes, you can create any effect you like every time you sit down behind your computer. Who knows? You might even have more fun playing with your mouse pad than playing with your game, at least for a day or two. You know that you've selected the right mouse pad when you find yourself performing specific maneuvers just to get a reaction out of the colors on the pad.

Sync With Your Other Devices

Want to sync up your color effects with your keyboard? How about your headphones? When you choose this mouse pad, you're also choosing coordination. It will work seamlessly with all of your other items, giving your gaming gear the ability to showcase an incredible color display. Use a rainbow of colors or show off your alliances or your guild: whatever you like, you can make your gear display it. The pad will cycle through every color in the spectrum in a predetermined display, show a breathing pulse that will leave you feeling relaxed and open to whatever comes at you next in your favorite game, or remain in static mode. With so many custom options that coordinate perfectly between devices, your biggest problem will be deciding which one to use!

When you use this Colorful Gaming Mouse Mat, all your gaming needs are taken care of. You can customize your mouse settings to exactly your desired level, then save them in the cloud so that no matter where you're gaming, they go along with you. As long as your trusty mouse mat is beneath your hand, your game will be better than ever.