Harry Potter Wall Clock

Harry Potter Wall Clock
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1997: A fictional lad named Harry Potter was introduced to England's readers. He and his magical realm filled with young wizards and witches soon took our world by storm. Now Harry Potter fans, book lovers, and those who simply like a statement wall decor piece, have the opportunity to own a unique Harry Potter themed clock.

The Harry Potter wall clock is a round analog clock that features the classic circular Potter eye glasses at the center. Below the glasses are printed famous words from the novel reading, "the boy who lived." As a final touch, a lightening bolt detail on the "forehead" of the clock imitates the famous scar sported by the boy savior. The clock face is a textured-looking tan/yellow or white and the frame and hands come in black or white. The subtle design ensures that this is not a kitschy clock. Thus it would look well in both a sophisticated modern living room and a Potter obsessed youngster's bedroom. Or a Potter obsessed adult's bedroom or library!

Let's talk dimensions and such. The perfectly round clock measures 10 inches in diameter and is 1.75 inches deep. So it is a smaller sized clock but still perfectly readable across a large living area. It might even be a good piece to help complete your wall collage. A hook comes with the clock - which makes mounting it on your wall a snap.

Of what use is a special piece that does not last? Quality is assured in this Potter themed clock. Transparent, anti-fog glass protects the face of the clock. The clock itself is made from durable PVC and ABS plastic. The hour, minute, and second hands are made of top grade metal sheathed with copper. Waterproof, the clock is immune to any kind of damp or rust. It runs on a single AA battery and is a steady, reliable timepiece. Best of all, you won't be kept up at night with loud ticking. The hand movement is no louder than 10 decibels - which is roughly the volume of normal breathing. Ultimately, the Harry Potter wall clock combines function with style.

Thoughtful gift shopping can be challenging - it can be difficult to find something personal. That's why the Harry Potter wall clock is a great gift for the Potter fan in your life. Fun and unique, the clock might be a birthday or Christmas gift favorite. Or are you looking for a an out of the box thank you gift for your favorite teacher or librarian? This clock might be just the thing. Treating yourself to this one of a kind item is not a bad idea either! It might be hard to resist falling under its spell.

Everyone needs a timepiece - why not choose a clock that adds a unique charm to your space? With a minimalist design, the Harry Potter clock invokes the cheekiness of the boy wizard. It is a great accent to any Harry Potter fan or book lover's decor.