LED Zipper Ear Buds

LED Zipper Ear Buds
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I’ll admit it, I am not the most organized person. If you give me anything with wires, it is only a short period of time before I tangle them. And the wires for ear buds are typically the worst. I just do not have the discipline to wind them properly around the casing after every use. So then I am usually left with a tangled mess of wires that I have to sort out if I have any hope of wearing the earbuds ever again. When I discovered the LED Zipper Ear Buds, I was so thrilled that I would never have to confront the dilemma of tangled cords ever again.

These creative ear buds were made with the tangle prone in mind, because the cords actually zip together in an ingenious, fun design. I have gotten so many compliments wearing these earbuds. Turns out other people were tried of battling with tangled cords just like me.

As if the zipper design was not enough to make these earbuds cool, the LED Zipper Ear Buds light up. This makes them the perfect accessory for a party, and also easy to find. Let other people use their glow sticks and light up ice cubes, party goers are sure to be envious of your light up ear buds.

In addition to being such unique ear buds, they are also quite affordable. And the noise canceling properties are top notch. The sound quality is much better than you would expect from your typical pair of ear buds. Enjoy your music as the beat envelops you and becomes your own personal soundtrack to your life. Music can make even the most mundane task seem intoxicating. The Film and TV industry has capitalized on music since its conception. Tune into any sitcom, most of your favorite moments would seem utterly flat if it was not for the musical underscore or sweeping song underneath the dialogue. The importance of music is even more apparent during movie trailers.

In addition to having your sweet music delivered by your unique and fashionable ear buds, you will find the fit of these ear buds to be quite comfortable. These buds were designed so that they can comfortable sit in ears of many different shapes. My ears are a bit small, and I found the old round hard iPod earbuds excruciatingly painful. These ear buds are quite comfortable, and the design is universal.

These ear buds are compact and easy to carry along. You can easily stash them in your pocket, unlike large bulky over the ear headphones. These are great for everyday use whether you are wearing them as you go for a run, a stroll around town, a party or to accompany while running your errands.

These ear buds were such a great find! I am so glad that I no longer have to fight with tangled wires or settle for ear buds that sit uncomfortably in my ear. These ear buds are the perfect combination of comfort, unique design and fun!