Dog Umbrella Leash

Dog Umbrella Leash
$43.44 on Amazon
Your pooch will pout
when it's raining out
if it's without
this rain rerouter.

Keep it dry
so it won't cry
when from the sky
the rain does fly.

This is a dog umbrella and a dog leash. The handle is padded and contoured to allow for a good grip. The umbrella is made out of waterproof fabric and is clear. You can see your dog while it is being shielded from rain or snow.

A User Review For You: "This was given to me as a gag gift. I laughed a little when I got it, but, I was honestly intrigued by the product. I gave it a shot one day. It worked really well. My dog loves a good walk and this umbrealla leash has done a good job protecting her."