TARDIS Soap on a Rope

TARDIS Soap on a Rope
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When you're traveling through time and space, eagerly visiting all the wonderful sites the galaxy can offer, you're going to accumulate an incredible amount of dirt. You don't want to accidentally remove something from one area of space to another that can't support it, so you'll need to make the effort to clean off on a regular basis. Of course, your adventures don't have to stop just because you're in the shower! With this TARDIS Soap on a Rope, the fun goes in with you.

Show Off Your Fandom

There are plenty of decorations out there that will allow you to create a bathroom that showcases your love of the Doctor and his TARDIS, even if they won't magically make your bathroom bigger on the inside. If you've already decked your bathroom out with a TARDIS shower curtain, hand soap, and toothbrush holder, this soap on a rope is the finishing touch to your bathroom. If you've kept it simpler, on the other hand, there's no reason why your soap on a rope can't stand alone in its representation of your favorite fandom.

Discover What a TARDIS Smells Like

The Doctor puts plenty of effort toward ensuring that the TARDIS is clean and shiny at all times. Who knows: this might be the exact scent of the soap he chooses to use! The second Doctor, in particular, made sure that the TARDIS was as sterile as possible, and while he might not have used bar soap, he was likely partial to a scent just like this one.

Transport Everything In Your New Bag

Your soap on a rope comes complete with a TARDIS carrying case. This little bag is the perfect way to transport your soap when you're on the go. When you've used up all of the soap, you can use the bag to transport cosmetics, monthly supplies for ladies, or other toiletries. The bag is much bigger than the soap on a rope, so you can transport plenty of other things alongside your soap while you're using it.

Sadly, It's Not Bigger on the Inside

Unfortunately, Time Lord technology is still out of reach, and it's impossible to create soap that grows as you use it. It will, however, last for quite some time. The paper covering on the soap peels away to reveal soap that has been chiseled to resemble the design of the TARDIS, and the bag, which measures 7" x 4.5" x 4.5", is perfect for transporting more than you'd first think. So who knows? Maybe it does have a hint of Time Lord technology within.

If you're a fan of the Doctor, his companions, and the TARDIS, this is the perfect accessory for you! The bag alone is an amazing accessory for anyone who has ever wished that they could travel through time and space, but when it's combined with the soap on a rope, you have the ideal product for any fan of the Dr. Who series.