10 Rainbow Putty Balls

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If you know what Gak is, consider this the multicolored, metallic version of it. This rainbow putty is hours of fun to play with for both children and adults alike. Kids love how it squishes and flops around while parents love that it isn't sticky and actually smells nice. If the putty gets on a solid surface, it just comes right off without damaging floors or walls. It also will not get stuck in children’s hair, simply pull off or brush through. It makes a perfect stocking stuffer, an addition to a holiday basket or as a party favor.

Kids love to play with rainbow putty, often sticking it onto surfaces and molding it into all kinds of shapes. They also love the nature of the rainbow putty itself, as it is cool to the touch and uniquely iridescent in color. The colors are a huge hit, but can fade quickly depending on use. The metallic quality lasts as long as the product does, however. Don’t let these sit in the sun, as the rainbow putty may start to ooze, even when inside its container. Also be sure not to leave it out of the container for too long to prevent hardening.

Adults use rainbow putty as a stress reliever, kneading it in their hand during work. It smells slightly like citrus so the smell won’t be off-putting if someone enters your office while the rainbow putty is out of its container. Beware of getting the putty on clothing, however, as it may leave a stain. Try pulling the putty in two and using only one piece regularly so that it lasts a little longer or, if you are feeling particularly stressed, combine two or more rainbow putty balls together to make a larger stress toy.