Digital Tape Measure

Digital Tape Measure
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You've heard the old adage to "measure twice, cut once." Getting that backwards can be disastrous for your finished project no matter what it might be. With this Digital Tape Measure, however, you'll never need to worry about inaccurate results again. Simply pull it out and use the handy screen to display your measurements. Need to store them for later use? You don't have to worry about writing them down. The tape measure comes complete with three memory slots, so you can store those important measurements in your tape measure until you're ready for them.

In general, tape measures haven't needed a lot of updates over the years. As long as you have a roll-up ruler that will fit comfortably in your pocket and stretch to the length you need, there aren't a lot of improvements to be made. This tape measure, however, welcomes measurement to the digital age and proves just how handy technological advancements can be. While it's fully functional as a regular tape measure and the digital features don't affect your ability to use it normally, the tape measure comes complete with a variety of advancements not found in your typical hardware-store tape measure.

The digital display will convert fractions to decimals for you so you aren't left scratching your head as you try to figure out what 2/7 of an inch comes out to. It calculates the midpoint for you--an incredibly valuable feature when you're trying to hang shelves, pictures, or anything else that needs a nail or a screw right in the center in order to balance properly. This tape measure is designed to take all the effort out of measuring. You just have to provide the manual labor!

Your Burning Questions Answered

Q: This digital tape measure sounds really neat, but will it hold up if I take it to work sites with me and use it on a regular basis?

A: With its polycarbonate case and a coin battery that's designed to last through 64 hours of continuous use, your Digital Tape Measure is designed to hold up to all the stress you'll put it through on the job. Even better, it comes equipped with an automatic shutoff, which means that when you forget to turn it off, it will do it on its own instead of wasting valuable battery power.

Q: How does this tape measure handle corners?

A: If you're measuring in a tight corner, you're in luck with this tape measure! Simply select the back of the device as your starting point and it will automatically calculate the distance to the corner without any need to bend the tape into awkward positions in order to get your measurement.

Q: How easy is this device to use? Am I going to waste as much time learning to use it as I save with its features?

A: Overall, the device is very easy to use. Some of the buttons are a little small, and some reviewers have noted that a side display would make it easier to see those measurements. On the other hand, the device is very easy to use, and there's not much of a learning curve for figuring out the features. If all else fails, you can always use it as a regular measuring tape.