Log Cabin Tent

Log Cabin Tent
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The conquerors of the wild mountain west certainly knew how to build homes that withstood all that Mother Nature could muster. This unique log cabin-themed tent takes its cue from the old mountain styles that were successful then, and still attractive now.

Essentially, this is a wall tent, but it has a few extras that are absolutely worth making part of a camping trip. The outer perimeter of this tent measures a generous 13' x 7' x 12', but has a few special features that make it extremely comfortable.

First, this log cabin tent is fitted with an outer shell that is impervious to the elements. The base layers and side walls are completely waterproof. This includes rain and snow. The pitched roof is situated over a sleeping space, and has a unique wicking canvass that allows heat to escape through the tent's roof, yet protects from the rain. Of course, because of a secure Velcro barrier, the entire tent area can be completely free of biting bugs and no-see-em's.

There are two main living spaces offered by this fun and wilderness-appropriate tent. The front entrance of the tent features a strong mosquito netting that encapsulates a wrap-around โ€œdeck.โ€ With this large tent, a space to enjoy the open air is provided, while not having to be tucked away in the sleeping quarters. The second section of this tent is the inner cabin room. Protected by a solid inner wall and a well-supported roof, users of this fun and authentic-looking tent can enjoy undisturbed and roomy mountain respite.

Obviously, the most popular feature of this large tent is its appearance. In the tradition of Grizzly Adams, or Legends of the Fall, campers can have the feeling of sleeping in a real life mountain cabin. Instead of flat surfaces, the sidewalls of this tent expand and contour to take the shape of an authentic log cabin. In reality, early log cabins were not much bigger than the dimensions of this tent. Campers can really have a taste of what it would be like to rough-it in the past.

Each panel looks like real rough-cut logs and stone paneling under a pitched roof. On two sides of the tent, a netted โ€œporchโ€ enclosure provides room to enjoy the fresh air without having to deal with pests. Throughout the tent, a patented locking post system is used to create the strong features of an authentic frontier structure. In each corner, and at each seam, a locking mechanism is used to give the tent ultimate support and maximum sleeping space. During set-up and bug-out, these locking mechanisms are a cinch to operate. This faux log cabin tent can easily be packed into a small, wheeled carrying sack, and it weighs no more than 45 pounds. It's an extremely light and convertible load to handle considering the fun and good-looking vinyl cabin that it can be expanded into.

This is the perfect tent for youngsters on a wilderness exploration, or a family wanting a truly natural camping experience. This tent keeps everyone dry, cool, and bug-free, while adopting the look of a real frontier dwelling. What a wonderfully-themed tent!