Crystal DSLR Camera

Crystal DSLR Camera
$59.95 on Amazon
Some say a camera's lens
is its most important part.
Given that, a camera made of lenses
would be smart!

But since this camera
wouldn't have any photoreceptors,
I guess it's only good
for crystal camera collectors.

This is an extremely detailed crystal DSLR camera. It can be used as a book end, a paper weight, a decoration piece, but it can't really take pictures. This thing was made lovingly by someones hands. It is made out of some fine, fine crystal. Because it is crystal, you can see all the way through it! The dimensions are 4 in by 4.5 in by 3.5 in.

A User Review For You: "My man is a big time photographer. I gave this to him as one of his birthday presents. It was received really well. He displays it on his desk. He tells me that he gets positive comments about it all the time. It's a very unique gift for anyone who is a photographer. We found the shipping package to be adequete and secure."