Star Trek Bat’leth Letter Opener

Star Trek Bat'leth Letter Opener
$24.99 on Amazon
Opening mail at work all day? Boring. Opening Bills at home? Stressful. Completing both of these tasks and more with your new Star Trek Batleth Letter Opener? Totally awesome! With this letter opener, you can open all your letters, and boxes with the strength and courage of a Star Trek warrior!

Is opening letters not that serious to you? That’s ok. You will still want to purchase the Star Trek Batleth Letter Opener because you’re a cool person and want a cool letter opener. It is guaranteed to be the most talked about subject at the office water cooler. If you’re not already a cool person, this is your ticket in!

Most importantly, the Star Trek Batleth Letter Opener actually has quality performance as a letter opener. This letter opener is not a toy. It is custom built with a sharp, paper piercing blade. Please, do not attack your coworkers- we were just playing about the warrior thing. The blade is made with durable steel and the handle is wrapped with quality leather. The display stand for the mighty letter opener is resin based and stamped with the Klingon symbol. No one will be able to deny your warrior badge now.

Really, we can’t guarantee anything except for the fact that the letter opener can open letters and boxes. We cannot guarantee that it will help you win a battle. We can’t even guarantee that this letter opener will make you cool. Sorry.

We can definitely guarantee that you will be purchasing a quality, unique piece. We also guarantee that you can purchase this letter opener for any Trekie and they will be extremely grateful to you. It should take care of a few years’ worth of Christmas gifts. The Star Trek Batleth Letter Opener is very attractive on its display and will not go unnoticed like those other office issued letter openers.