Dog Bone Pool

Dog Bone Pool
$359.95 on Amazon
Hot and scorching summer days,
all you can do to cool
is drink some lemonade
or wade around the pool.

Throw your dog a bone
and help it beat the heat with this little doggie pool; quite the summer treat!

This is a bone pool made for dogs. If you are feeling weird, you can also use it. It's probably not long enough for you to swim in, unless you are really really short. Like Gimli from the Hobbit short. Speaking of the Hobbit, I liked the last movie. It was pretty good. I'm excited for the next one.

Your dog is probably the perfect size for this bone pool. Fill it up with water. Your dog will drink and play. It will be great. Some people dig holes and turn their bone pool into a ground level piece of coolness. You could do that too, if you want.

One neat thing about the dog bone pool is that it is made with the same stuff that lines truck beds. It's tough and hardy. Your dog will probably not be able to destroy it, unless your dog has teeth like metal. I can't gaurantee anything, but, I'd guess this thing will hold up to your dog. It has a drain. You know what to do with that.

A User Review For You: "Blown away. I can't believe how rugged and high quality this is. It is really heavy duty. I love how big it is. It can really hold a bunch of water. I live in a very hot state. All 10 of my dogs love this pool. The dogs like this bone pool a lot more than the cheap plastic kid pools we used to have. This one is bigger and nicer and holds more water.

It is white so it gets dirty. But, white means the water stays cooler longer. It's a trade off. If you are a clean freak, you will want to clean it every few weeks. I've cleaned mine. It's not too hard.

I'm a big believer in this bone pool. Dogs love it. I love it. I am more than satisfied with this item. I am considering buying more."