Labyrinth Bookshelf

Labyrinth Bookshelf
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Everything I’ve done, I’ve done for you. With each turn of the Labyrinth bookshelf you will find yourself deeper into the maze with little hope of succeeding in your mission – unless that mission is to house leather-bound books, of course. If that is the case then you are in luck. Grab your friend, Hoggle, and your lipstick to mark tiles with arrows, and start the journey of a thousand years.

This bookshelf has everything: twists, turns, sharp edges, fun, curves, angles, and impeccable style. Made from 18mm melamine faced chipboard, this piece of art disguised as a bookshelf will be the epicenter of any fashionable living space. With modest measurements (H: 49.2" W: 49.2" D: 8.6"), it proudly faces the future of the tiny house revolution that is taking over the country by holding books, antiques, and collectables in a compact design.

When the bookshelf first arrived, I was excited at the opportunity to prove myself as a master builder as the bookshelf comes unassembled. Using ancient tools that I inherited from my time-travelling grandfather, I slowly and meticulously tackled the building of the furniture. After a few hours of searching and struggling through oubliettes and secret passageways, I found myself needing the help of furry friends that were found along the journey. I learned to trust those friends and allies as I had never trusted anyone before. Losing some of my innocence, I remembered that my goal here was to build the most amazing piece of furniture that the world had ever seen.

In the final moments of completion, I reflected on the past few hours of turmoil. Had that really happened? Had I really embarked on this path to glory? I stood facing the goblin king while holding the very last screw. He asked if I had found everything I wanted, and I replied by nodding my head. I turned quickly before he could change my mind or set the hands of time back. I plugged the hole with the tip of the screw, reached the wooden handle of the screwdriver, and began turning. Startled by my speed and dexterity, the goblin king had no choice but to turn over his kingdom to me.

The bookshelf was complete. I had battled the labyrinth, faced demons from the depths of my nightmares, tested the strength of my resolve, and I had beaten the goblin king. I had made friends in one day that one can only hope to make in a lifetime. With these friends standing by my side, the only thing left to do was place a few books inside the twists and turns of the bookshelf.
At 61 pounds, this labyrinth bookshelf is sturdy and able to hold lots and lots of books and stuff. Curiously, there are furry stuffed animals that show up on the shelves once in a while. I feel a deep respect and connection to them, but I cannot place where I know them from. I know that they are here to help protect me from anything that may be out to get me.