Sandwich Sponge

Sandwich Sponge
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It doesn't matter if you prefer white or wheat bread, the sandwich sponge is liked by all families and food lovers. This sponge resembles the same size of an actual sandwich, as it measures to be 4.5 by 4.5 by 1 inch. The sponge texture mocks the texture that is found in real bread, making this sponge look like a tempting treat.

The packaging of this neat creation looks like deli packaging, too! Don't be fooled though; as good as this sponge looks, it is not meant to be eaten. Instead, it is meant to make doing the dishes a little more fun and unique.

Thumbs Up!'s 2-pack sandwich sponge makes doing the dishes more entertaining and comical. Why, of course you clean your dirty dishes with a ham and cheese sandwich. These sponges also make great house-warming gifts. Just like an actual sandwich, these cleaning tools look great in a kitchen.

What's even better is they don't have to be refrigerated or microwaved. It's the most convenient and productive kind of sandwich out there. Unfortunately though, there are no customizable features of these sandwiches, so no lettuce or pickles can be added to you sponge.

Warning: These sponges may cause excess cravings for a ham and cheese sandwich on white bread. Also, make sure to inform your housemates that this is a sponge, not real food. It would be a tragedy if someone ate your brand new sandwich sponge. Make sure to keep this sponge away from pets and children, because the temptation is real. Also, as fun as it may seem, make sure not to prank your friends or family with this sandwich, because that's just gross. The thought has already crossed many minds, so keep the sponge in the kitchen and be kind to your friends.

Don’t try biting into this sandwich or your taste buds might be a bit disappointed! Fun sponge to bring some enjoyment and spice to your cleaning chores. Comes in a pack of two sandwich sponges.