Cardboard Animal Trophies

Cardboard Animal Trophies
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Hunting is a bloody business,
not to mention all that work.
What are you supposed to do
if all the time you miss your mark?

An easy option for your home
would be some cardboard taxidermy.
Not only is it modern
but it is much more sanitary!

These cardboard animal trophies are a DIY kit. Enjoy a home project while creating something cool! The cardboard pieces have been cut by a laser. They fit together so well that glue or tape is not required to keep them together. There are five animal trophies available: a big deer, a young deer, a moose, a rhino, and a unicorn. The cardboard is sturdy and is composed of recycled cardboard. These animals are created to be easy to mount and have a little hole on the back for that purpose.

A User Review For You: "We bought the unicorn and quickly assembled it. It was like we were doing a cool 3D puzzle. It wasn't very hard. The unicorn looks great! We decided to add some glitter to the unicorn with glue. We forgot how messy gliiter is. We don't recommend decorating with glitter."