Floor Cleaning Robot

Floor Cleaning Robot
$299.00 on Amazon
Glory to our metal masters,
our overlord machines,
who keep us safe and obedient
and our habitats nice and clean.

Our mecha-guardians do anything
better than flesh can.
Their glorious feats of cleaning
outperform any human!

I grew up in a home where my mother was fanatical about keeping her floors clean. She hated to feel anything on bare feet when walking in the kitchen. I think she swept 10 times a day. You may be the same way.

I know I don't like feeling things on my feet. Dirt, crumbs, hair, yuck. But, you and I both know, we don't always want to sweep the floor constantly. We also don't have time to sweep it constantly.

This robot really seems awesome. It has an electronic mapping system where it can navigate your kitchen or room without requiring you to input anything. You seriously just attach a wet or dry pad to the robot and press start. It then figures out the logistics of the room via sensors.

Technology is really amazing. It's incredible. The robot can clean up to four hours all on one charge. It's small so it can navigate compact places. It comes with a few different cleaning cycles, including one that keeps the pad moist for a mop-like result.

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A User Review For You: "We really wanted to believe this product was as good as advertised and... IT IS! After seeing all the positive reviews on Amazin, we knew it was likely an all-star robot. It sure is. This is the future and the future is amazing. Most of our floors in our house are hardwood. The robot does fantastic. It's nice and small and doesn't make much sound at all. It's incredibly accurate at covering all parts of our floor. Really fun to watch it do its work. This has become a daily routine in our home. We make sure it gets a charge at night and turn it on in the morning. Our floors are incredibly clean. WONDERFUL!"