The Walking Dead Survival Kit

The Walking Dead Survival Kit
$89.95 on Amazon
It's early Saturday morning, and you're doing your routine shopping, milk; check, eggs; check, The Walking Dead Survival Kit; wait what? That's what I said when I stumbled upon this peculiar item on the internet. Then it dawned on me that this is something that I positively, need! I don't know when the Zombie Apocalypse is going to occur, but if there is anything I learned from watching The Walking Dead seasons 1-5 is that you can never be too prepared.

There are several items inside The Walking Dead Survival Kit, these items include: food rations, water, a first aid kit, whistle, flashlight, glow sticks, blankets, and ponchos. It basically gives you everything you need to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. It is very affordable, and the purchase includes free shipping. Now no one knows when the zombies will attack, so here are a few things that you can achieve with the items in the meantime.

The first aid kit comes with 30 pieces, so if you have children and they scrape or cut themselves while playing, you can reach into your handy dandy kit and save the day. The flashlight last for up to 400 hours, this would be a great necessity if a storm occurred and knocked out the power for a few hours, at least you would have some form of light. The glow sticks last for 12 hours, think of what kind of party you could throw with these! Lastly the poncho, if it rains unexpectedly you can grab your poncho from the survival kit and stay dry. All the pieces come in a medium sized bag that can be used as a multi-purpose handbag.

Any time one is contemplating on whether to purchase an item or not, it is always a good idea to read the customer reviews. Doing this allows one to gain insightful knowledge about a product from the consumers point of view. The survival kit earned 4.8 out of 5 stars on their reviews, several customers bought the kit as a gift for someone else, and they stated that the recipient loved it! So even if you're not thinking of purchasing this product for yourself, I'm sure you can think of someone who can benefit from the kit.

The emergency supplies in the kit are of pristine quality. The food rations and emergency water are made by Datrex, which is one of the leading manufacturers for Marine Safety and Emergency Preparedness Retail. The first aid kits are produced by Lifeline, which is one of the largest retailers that has been providing first aid and survival kits to consumers for over 16 years. The blankets are Mylar Space Blankets designed by NASA, these blanks are for warmth in the extreme cold and reverse back 90% of body heat.

This product is a must have, whether you are preparing for the warranted Zombie Apocalypse or if you just want to be prepared for life's everyday mishaps, purchase this product and you will not be disappointed.