Compact Key Organizer

Compact Key Organizer
$23.99 on Amazon
If you're like me you may have lost your keys once...twice...or a thousand times. A day! It seems that every time I'm in a rush or getting ready to leave my house, my keys mysteriously disappear away from where I need them to be. Believe me, I've tried everything. When I'm not losing one of my many keys, I'm shuffling around in my pocket or purse trying to find the exact one I need. The compact key organizer solved both of these problems for me. Now, I never have to worry about hunting down or losing my keys again.

The compact key organizer is great because it holds 2 to 8 keys. It's compact and light, so don't worry. You won't have a huge jumble of keys in your pocket. It's a simple and effective design that key smart has come out with. Now when you're in a rush, you won't be searching and searching for the right key in a huge pile. You will easily be able to grab the one you need, and pop it into the door.

I would especially recommend this key organizer if you have a large stash of work keys. Sometimes it's hard when your trying to find the key for that one particular door, and it's always the last one on the key ring. With the compact key holder, it'll be easy for you to quickly enter a room.

This particular one comes in a very stylish red, which means it's easy to pair with anything. It won't stick out too much like a sore thumb, but it'll still look classy and nice. Overall, it looks really cool too. In no time people will be asking where you got that nifty little gadget that resembles a swiss army tool. Then you'll be able to change their life by telling them where to go for less key stress.

Ever get tired of your bulky key ring taking up too much space in your pocket or poking your leg? Well, this ingenious compact key organizer can solve that problem for you. This little gadget keeps your keys organized nicely together, and is similar in shape to a pocket knife so it slides easily into your pocket. It is also expandable to suit your needs if you need to add more keys.