Sparta Knife Block

Sparta Knife Block
$99.95 on Amazon
Are you tired of hosting boring dinner parties? Tired of dull conversation leading your guests to use any excuse to leave early? Or do you just want some new excitement in your life? If yes, add the Spartan Knife Block to your shopping cart and check out!

The Spartan Knife Block is sure to be the center of conversation at your next dinner party. Everyone will gather around your kitchen and admire its uniqueness and wonder where their friend found such a unique piece.

This knife block is truly unique- it looks like an actually Spartan that is charging into battle; complete with a helmet and shield. There’s room for 6 knives and a knife sharpener. The knife block, including the base, is 12 inches high. That means that it is tall enough to catch everyone’s attention but also compact enough that it will not take up all your counter space.

The Spartan Knife block is also special because it is hand-made. Each piece you order- for yourself, your best friend, your boss- will be hand made with care and will be unique. Each knife block is made from real, sturdy, high quality wood. Not that fake, plastic looking stuff. The maple and walnut wood is locally grown and ecologically friendly, so Mother Earth will be happy with your purchase too.

Knives are not included with the knife block. In case you are wondering, the knife block is designed to fit standard knives. But you can be sure that with the Spartan Knife block, any set of knives you use will look deadly to any spectator- even the cheap ones. But we recommended a good, professional set of knives that can match the quality of the knife block.

This knife block does not compare to any other. It is sure to make you feel like a warrior in your kitchen. And it will make your kitchen look great, too.

Feel like something is missing from your kitchen? Do you need a place to store your knives? This knife holder is just the thing for you! It is made from solid maple and walnut woods and will be a great conversation piece.