Instagram Streaming Frame

Instagram Streaming Frame
$115.98 on Amazon
Instagram has taken the mobile application industry by storm as the most innovative picture taking, editing and sharing platform ever. Well this product, Cube, has taken it a step further.

This digital wifi touch screen photo viewer allows Instagram users to view photos in real time. With easy setup capabilities, it requires you to login into your wifi and then login in exactly like you would do on the Instagram mobile app. Once you are logged in, users are able to scroll through Instagram feeds of your own and fellow users as well as hashtags. Using its touch screen display, you can swipe forward or backward as well as pinch for a 4x4 tile view.

To take the capabilities of it a step further, there is a favorite button, which is located on the top. Nothing warms a user up more than when one of their pictures is liked and by pressing it, it strengthens the actual comparative experience of using it on the mobile app. Also, once a picture is liked, its stashed away and saved for future viewing.

Unlike the actual application, Cube doesn't require any attention. It continuously provides a real time stream until users no longer want to view it. In addition to the experience, it comes packed with a USB cord, an adapter for charging and best of all, built in Wifi.

Don't miss out on all the creative things going on via Instagram. Just buy logging in, you can stay connected for as long as you like. Customers have raved about the easy set up and innovative idea. Get yours now!