Peeping Tom Prop

Peeping Tom Prop
$42.00 on Amazon
Don’t leave this guy off your guest list! Imagine the fun you can have owning this creepy Peeping Tom Prop. The lifelike vinyl mask clings to the window with a long string attached to a suction cup. Perching him just above the window ledge will give people the illusion that this creeper wants to watch their every move.

Hosting a Halloween party? Place him strategically in a main window for your guests to notice and you’ll get a kick out of the screams and laughs when he catches people off guard. Throughout the evening you can move him around to various windows in your house where guests would see him.

Place him in the bathroom window for even more excitement as guests scream in terror to their unexpected invasion of privacy. Whether it’s dusk or dark, once someone gets a glimpse of this creeper in the window, they’re bound to let out a terrified shriek.

You don’t have to wait for Halloween to have fun either. Perhaps you have a family member you enjoy playing pranks on. Next time you are invited over to their house, place him in a window and sit back to wait for their reaction.

Do your teenagers like to host sleepovers? You’re never guaranteed actual sleep, so you might as well get some screams and laughs out of the evening. Place the mask outside the window while the kids are watching movies and just wait for one of them to notice the uninvited guest.

Does your husband log long hours in the garage after dinner? See how high you can make him jump by placing the mask in the garage window. Just make sure he’s not operating any dangerous equipment.

Young or old, everyone can enjoy some laughs with this prank. It doesn’t even have to be a holiday; in fact it’s almost more fun if it’s not a holiday because it’s even more unexpected. The way this Peeping Tom Prop fits nicely in a box, giving it, as a gift will ensure the screams last from the very moment the box is unwrapped.