Galaxy Necklace

Galaxy Necklace
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The Galaxy Necklace saved my marriage! Well, not literally, but it certainly helped keep us together after some minor squabbles. I'm a truck driver, so I don't always have a whole mess of time to spend with my wife. I get home and get to sleeping. She hassles me all the time about little things. She tries to get me to do work on the house, fix the leaky faucet and things like that. To tell the truth, I don't know how to do most of those things. I'm not a handy man. I went off on her bad one day. I told her, "You want the house fixed? Watch a YouTube video and fix it yourself!" Needless to say, that's not how you treat a woman or anyone for that matter. I fixed everything when I bought her this Galaxy Necklace. Kindness helped also.

This finely crafted piece of jewelry fits perfect around her neck as if it was crafted personally just for her slim frame. I love my wife. Now, whenever I think of her I can't help but picture the gift hanging right there around her neck. The best part is it has this sparkling blue or purple color that dazzles me to pieces. That and I like to tell her, "The whole dang universe is hanging below your chin, baby. You better treat it good now." That always makes her smile. It brightens my day to see her happy, so we all win I guess. The universe thing is a joke really, but I've thought a lot about it.

Really, it just makes her happy. It made her stop thinking that I don't like her or care about her. These kinds of little gifts can move boulders that block the roadway of love and build bridges to Love Town. I asked her to make something special for dinner. She didn't feel like cooking, so I bought take out. Then, I set up candles. Let me tell you fellas out there, when you give her this you had better do it right. It's not just the gift. Sure, you put some thought into it. That's what matters. Plan out something nice for the love of your life.

It's paid off at least 100 times over. She shows it to her friends when they meet. I hear her talking about me, and they call me sweet. I sure am sweet on her because she's my sugar! The whole universe is what I gave her. I'd give it all to her if I could, but she's happy wearing just this. She's my whole world. She's my universe. If you love your lady, then you better treat her right if you want her to stick around. Make sure you check the mail often when you order it. If you're like me, you like giving it to her yourself. My wife always gets the mail before I do, so I had it sent to my work. The girl in the office thought I was the sweetest thing. I told her, "It's taken and I'm taken, so hands off sweetheart!"