Bubble Pet Carrier Backpack

Bubble Pet Carrier Backpack
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Your pet is a member of the family. Whether you have a sweet, cuddly kitty who rides around on your shoulder or a sassier one who is determined to keep you in your place, you want your furry friend to know that they're being cared for in the height of style and convenience. With its sleek design and a bubble window that allows your pet to see everything that's going on around them even when they're being carried, the Bubble Pet Carrier Backpack is sure to fit your needs. It's even available in a variety of colors, from hot pink to classic black, enabling you to choose the color that is most appealing to you.

Easy, Hands-Free Carrying

When you need to carry your pet, you may also need to transport other things at the same time. Thanks to this pet carrier backpack, you'll never again have to worry that your pet will end up falling to the ground while you juggle far too many other items. Instead, simply strap on the pet carrier as a backpack. Your pet will be as secure as if they were cradled in your arms, and you'll have your hands free to handle all the other things you need to carry.

Take Your Furry Friend on a Trip

When you travel with your pet, you want to be sure that they're safe and secure. The Bubble Pet Carrier Backpack allows you to easily bring your pet on a plane with you and even adheres to most airline requirements. You need your pet to be safe. This pet carrier provides safety coupled with convenience, especially when you're struggling to get all of your bags and your pet through the airport on time.

Your Burning Questions Answered

Q: My pet is small, but I'm not sure if she's small enough. How small does she need to be to fit in this carrier?

A: This carrier is designed to hold pets up to sixteen pounds.

Q: I like the convenience of the carrier, but I'm concerned that with my pet in it, it might be too much for me. How heavy is the carrier?

A: The carrier weighs around four pounds. Assuming you've maxed out the weight limit, you'll only be lifting about twenty pounds at a time. The size of your pet will, of course, determine the ultimate carrier weight.

Q: I'm worried that my pet will get too hot or won't be able to breathe well in the carrier. Is there any way to make it cooler?

A: The "bubble" that allows your pet to look out at the world can be exchanged for a mesh panel or even be removed entirely to allow more airflow. Removing the panel entirely is not recommended for cats, who will quickly escape through the opening; however, it is appropriate for small dogs.

Q: I'm afraid that the small, portable nature of the carrier will make it uncomfortable for my cats. Is it roomy enough for them?

A: Your cats will more than likely love this carrier. Some reviewers report that they even have trouble getting their pets to vacate the carrier. It's a cozy space that some users allow to double as a cat bed for their inquisitive pets.