Flashlight Survival Kit

Flashlight Survival Kit
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Whether you're out in the middle of the lake on a fishing expedition or climbing to the top of a mountain, there are a number of things that you'll need to carry with you. Unfortunately, when you're out in nature, you can only bring what you can carry with you--and depending on the situation, weight can quickly become an issue. This Flashlight Survival Kit helps you out with the weight problem: in one small, handy product that will fit comfortably in your pocket, it offers plenty of survival gear that will help you out in the middle of a potentially hazardous situation.

What's In the Kit

You never know what you'll run into if you're out on your own. The Flashlight Survival Kit contains plenty of materials that will help keep you from ending up in a bad situation, including:

  • Fishing line and lure
  • Fire starter
  • A wire "hand saw"
  • Beeswax candle
  • Mini first aid kit
  • Mirror
  • Trail markers
  • Razor blade
  • Water purification tablets
In a survival situation, you also can't forget the importance of the flashlight itself. This one is a flood-style lantern that will quickly illuminate a large area. It comes complete with two different modes: you can either set it for constant illumination or a flashing SOS.

Built to Last

You don't need survival gear that will fall apart on you the first time you take it out of your pocket. You need survival gear that's tough enough to go anywhere you can. This survival kit is designed with that in mind. Made from military grade aluminum, the survival kit will take anything you can throw at it. If you can survive it, so will your survival kit. After all, isn't that the point?

Carry It Wherever You Go

A survival kit is only useful if you have it with you. A huge kit filled with gear weighs you down, and it won't take more than a few excursions before you start wondering whether or not you really need all of that equipment. Any time you can lighten your pack, you start to view it as a good thing. Unfortunately, if emergency strikes and you find yourself needing to survive for a while, your kit won't do you any good if it isn't with you! The small, convenient size of this travel kit helps ensure that you will always have it with you when you're out instead of regretting that you left it at home. You bring your flashlight with you as a matter of course. Grabbing a light that will also provide vital supplies in the event of an emergency could be what keeps you alive. Thanks to the small size, you can tuck a spare survival kit anywhere: in your backpack, in your car, or even on your boat.

Wherever life's journey takes you, you want to be sure you have the materials you need to survive. You can't always plan for the moments that will come your way, but you can plan to be able to handle them. This convenient Flashlight Survival Kit provides everything you need to handle whatever life throws at you.