Colorful Jellyfish Aquarium

Colorful Jellyfish Aquarium
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Unlike other so-called jellyfish aquariums that are sealed containers with plastic “jellyfish” inside, these colorful jellyfish aquariums accommodate real, live jellyfish whose hypnotic movements and ghost like appearance will bring you many hours of joy and wonder.

The tank is designed with both you and the jellyfish in mind, providing the optimal design for keeping the jellyfish happy and healthy while looking great no matter where you choose to put it. Whether they are children or adults, everyone will love watching the magical jellyfish float around inside of this unique tank. Just be advised that the tank is a little larger than the pictures make it look. Also be sure to get the most recent iteration of the aquarium as the water pump was known to fail and the tubing could come off. The 2015 model is the company’s most recent and has addressed all previous issues. The tank also comes with a 12 month warranty if needed.

The way the tank works, the water flows in such a way that the jellyfish cannot reach the filtration system and hurt themselves because of the slight water current. It is a 6 gallon acrylic tank with a built-in two-stage water filter neatly hidden in the aquarium’s ring and LED lights that can be switched on or off, set to one color or set to cycle between colors. The lights of the tank, which do not heat up the water, transition smoothly and a bit gradually to keep from irritating the jellyfish, making the tank humane as well. It also includes a feeding baster, hydrometer and filter media to make caring for the jellyfish effortless. To match the décor in your home, there are also changeable front covers for the tank in several colors.

Because jellyfish are extraordinarily delicate, the tank’s Kreisel design does not feature any corners whatsoever. Even the tiniest scratch against a tank ornament or rock can severely injure or kill your jellyfish, so please make sure the tank consists of just water and the jellyfish. For best results, keep your tank in a shady area out of direct sunlight and away from where children and pets could reach it. Also ensure the tank is in a spot where it can sit in place and not move. Avoid moving the tank with the jellyfish inside as much as possible. Should you need to move them, scoop them out of their tank and into a bucket or strong shipping bag with the tank’s water included. Also be sure to wear a pair of gloves to avoid painful stings.

This tank makes a fantastic gift for anyone who loves jellyfish or wants something simple to take care of that will help them relax. These dreamy little fish are soothing to watch and fall asleep to at night with all of the lights off except the tank’s LED on low. You, your friends and your family will want to spend hours watching these magical jellies float around without a care in the world.