D&D Dice Mold

D&D Dice Mold
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Any true Dungeons and Dragons aficionado understands what it takes to play a truly epic game. It takes fortitude, determination, creativity, and snacks. Lots and lots of snacks. You're likely going to be playing for hours, so sustenance will be a necessity.

But what would a true fan bring? Not just any old snack will do. It needs to fit the moment and show how truly dedicated your are to the life and accomplishments of your level 14 paladin. Now there is an easy way to take your culinary skills up to the next level...the D&D Dice Mold.

This pan creates four three inch cakes, all in the shape of the classic D20 die D&D fans have come to know and love, or fear and loath, depending on your luck. Just add some cake batter and start baking. A standard box of cake mix should make approximately two pans worth, for eight total cakes. Now you can compensate for the sacrifices you may have made regarding your charisma score, and roll a natural 20 with all of your friends, or bribe the DM, by creating beautiful cake-based treats for your next "geekend" event.

Why not create some ice cube dice for the community punch bowl? Since it is freezer safe, this mold can do it. Or maybe you would like to test yourself and see if D20 jello shots are only myth, or if they could be a reality. Since the molds are food safe, you are basically only limited by your imagination, and maybe the laws of physics, to create all the D20 snacks you could want.

But wait! Just as a Halfling thief wouldn't be limited by an objects original purpose, you can create more than just food. Aside from other baked goods (D20 muffins anyone?), these silicon D&D Dice molds also work well for other crafting. Maybe you crave some D20 soap? Or you would like to express your true feelings by making the perfect gift for your half ogre girlfriend? Try creating a nice candle to remind them of their gaming triumphs, and express your true devotion to them and the game that brings you together. You can shower those gamers who are nearest and dearest to your heart with custom gifts, all paying homage to your communal love of table top gaming.

You can also impress at the gaming table with custom large size dice. Through careful use of crafting resin, make your own jumbo D20 for your next adventure. Looking for more fun with your dice, you could imbed objects in the resin. The souls of those you have fallen perhaps? It would certainly guarantee no one is able to walk off with one of your dice by "mistake" ever again. These larger dice may also make a great welcoming gift for new players, or create a trophy to acknowledge a particularly epic quest line created by the DM you love to hate.

With imagination, all things D20 may be possible. Though I can't say for certain, I would like to think Gary Gygax would approve.