My Neighbor Totoro Playing Cards

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Totoro playing cards are not your daddy’s playing cards, because those are still hung-up in the spokes of his Schwinn. There’s a fair chance that anyone under the age of 40 doesn’t know what a Schwinn is, or why it would have playing cards in the spokes. However, these aren’t likely to be taken out of their plastic case by a little boy wanting to put an engine-noise on his bicycle.

They are beautifully illustrated with scenes from the movie. Each card has a separate depiction of the characters. If you’ve seen Totoro, perhaps you’re questioning your eyesight. The animal seems a little confused as to species. The scuttle-butt is that the artist doesn’t know. It seems that it is a cat-owl-rabbit, or some combination of nature’s familial tree.

The cards measure 4.7” by 2.8” by 1” and are recommended for ages 5 and over, but you really have to wonder how many 5-year-olds are playing poker? One can only guess that all decks are now labeled “Poker” cards. The illustrations run horizontally, which would indicate that most people playing poker with the Totoro cards have their heads tilted sideways as they anti-up.

The deck comes with a plastic case for keeping the cards safe and intact when not in use. Someone should tell Hoyle. Theirs come in a flimsy cardboard box that disappears quickly. Some folks have complained that there are not enough Cat-Bus pictures in the deck, however, a cat with square holes where their innards should is disturbing. Overall, they’re a great rendition of classic anime art and well-illustrated. There a perfect gift for the friend who loves anime, collecting cards, and Ghibli Studio’s productions.

If you end up talking to trees, step away from the deck.