Dark Wood PS4 Skin

Dark Wood PS4 Skin
$36.95 on Amazon
Gaming consoles are expensive and protecting them is important in order to extend their life. The Ps4 is no exception. This console is best suited to having a skin attached to it. This way scratches and other issues with its appearance can be kept to a minimum while assuring the best look for the device.

The dark wood skin for the Ps4 is a great way to enhance the look of the product while also offering a level of protection for it. This particular skin is made from durable, thicker material in order to offer maximum coverage.

The 8 mil thickness can be felt first thing out of the package. One can tell the quality of the product by its sheer weight. The thickness also adds to the ease of applying the vinyl cover to the gaming console. It is easy to apply and leaves almost no bubbles.

Users have stated that they are very satisfied with the product. The ease of application is the number one reason why most users recommend this product to family and friends. One warning that is offered to pothers interested in the product is that it may be a bit harder to remove than thought.

Another thing that purchasers need to consider is the cut of the item. This item is cut specifically for the Ps4 and will not fit other models or consoles. There are other like products for other consoles, but this one fits only the Ps4.

The quality is above exception. The skin is actually contoured so it has the feel of real wood. The detail that is put into the appearance of the product also makes it look like real wood as well. Running your hand over the skin once it is on the console, one can also feel the contours and differences in texture throughout the product.

If seeking a quality item to protect the investment of a Ps4, iCarbon skin is the one to choose. Its surface is reflective, as well as one is able to wipe off debris. It goes on with almost no bubbling, and removes without leaving any residue on the console.

One of the more positive things about this particular dark wood skin for the Ps4 is that it comes with a 100% guarantee. If for any reason the consumer is not satisfied with their purchase, they can simply return it for a complete refund. This alleviates the individual from having to take any chances.

Protecting your gaming console is important in order to assure the best performance and the longest life from it. Using any product simply will not do. Buy the thickest and the highest quality with the guarantee to back up the products' performance. I Carbon is a trusted company with a long history of making high quality products.

Reviews from real users state that this is one of the best skins for the Ps4. They applaud the thickness, the quality and the durability of the product. Made to outperform others in the gaming world.