Scratch Off Travel Map

Scratch Off Travel Map
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The decor in your home should reflect who you are: your major accomplishments, your interests, and the things that you're excited about. The Scratch Off Travel Map is the perfect tool for displaying all your travels for everyone to see. It starts off as a beautiful black and gold map, but when you begin scratching off the places you've been, colorful graphics are revealed.

With each new place you've visited, you can reveal a bit more of the map so that your guests can see exactly how much you've traveled. The map is a gorgeous accompaniment to any decorating scheme and will enhance the appearance of any room. Put it in your bedroom, where you can privately view and appreciate the extent of your travels, or keep it out where anyone can see it, proudly displaying the evidence of your travels. Put it on the wall alone or use it as a centerpiece to display your favorite pictures or other mementos from all the places you've been. The choice is yours!

Your Burning Questions Answered

Q: What if I'm not a world traveler? Can I still find a use for the map?

A: Your Scratch Off Travel Map can serve a variety of purposes. If you're homeschooling, you could use it to uncover all the places that your children have researched and studied. Planning a trip around the world, or a series of trips over your lifetime? Use the map to reveal all the places that you'd love to visit and get an idea of how long it will take you to view a wider percentage of the world.

Q: What should I use to scratch off the places I've been or that I want to see? I'm worried that I'll ruin the map if I use something too rough!

A: Many customers have found that using an eraser to scratch off the places you've visited is the best tool for preserving everything under the gold layer and leaving a neat, uniform appearance.

Q: If I want to frame my map, how should I do it?

A: Many customers recommend a 24" x 36" frame. While the frame will be a little bit large, making it necessary to neatly mount the map on an appropriate background, it will fit best in this size frame. You will probably want to use a cardboard backing to provide enough stability, since you don't want the glass in front of the map if you're going to scratch off more countries as you continue to travel.

Q: Is this map going to be easy to read? I still want to be able to tell what the countries are after I scratch them off.

A: There's a key underneath the map that will make it easy to read. To create a clean appearance, you'll need to be careful as you scratch off the places you've visited on the map. However, you'll ultimately create a neat, clean map that's easy to view and absolutely stunning in any room of your home.