Faceless LED Watch

$10.99 on Amazon
When you pick out an accessory that you are going to wear, you want that accessory to be something different and unique. You use accessories to help you stand out among your friends and among everyone around you, and this piece will certainly help with that. Who wants to wear a boring watch that tells the time on a standard head? Who wants to wear a watch that looks similar to all of the other watches out there? Not you. You want to wear a watch that is interesting and different, the kind of watch that stands out. This Faceless LED Watch is just the thing that you like to wear. This watch is something special.

This Faceless LED Watch offers you the chance to be different while still allowing you to know what time it is at all hours. How does this watch work? How can you tell the time without a face on your watch? This watch uses LED lighting to display the time to you right on the band of the watch. That's right, you don't need a head to know what time it is. This watch uses its band in an interesting and unique way in order to keep things different and to keep you looking cool.

Have a friend who really loves to be different, who would love a gift that is unique? This watch will amaze that friend. All of your friends will love the cool and simple look of this watch and the way that it works. Your friends will be impressed with the fact that you can give them the time without displaying a classic watch head on your wrist. While this watch won't save you from getting to class late or arriving at work a few minutes after you were supposed to, it will keep you looking cool.