Seated Zip Line

Seated Zip Line
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Time to give your summer something to shout about. Sure, you could spend sunny afternoons playing badminton or wading in a kiddie pool. What if instead, you give your family something to build memories with. With the Eagle Series Seated Zipline Kit, your family can experience at home what most people only try at a theme park.

Imagine the wind in your hair and under your feet as you slide down your own family zip line. This 90' set comes with all you need to get started. A fully adjustable seat and a weight capacity of 250 lbs means this toy gets to be for the whole family. You choose the setting, the slope and with a few tools and a friend, your line can be set up just the way you want it.

The sturdy steel construction of the trolley gives you the security of knowing you and your family will be well supported. Trip after trip on all the family gatherings, the fun will keep coming. Which is good, since the new common phrase around your house is, "I want to go again."

Weather resistant materials make this the perfect outdoor activity no matter what kind of climate you live in. Durable rubber grips give you comfort and a firm handle for the slide. Sealed ball bearings will make sure the ride is fast and smooth for years to come.

Playgrounds keep getting lower to the ground. Sawdust gets replaced with ultra bouncy rubber. Why go outside when the video games provide more thrill? If you are looking for ways to lure your kids back outdoors and want to have a great time along with them, why not give them the chance to get off the ground and experience their own high flying act. Take a look in your yard. If you have two elevated points, then why not give your family the gift of their very own backyard adventure?