Self-Balancing Unicycle

Self-Balancing Unicycle
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If you want to experience a new way to travel, consider a unicycle. You may think that this is a ridiculous idea. After all, you have no intention of becoming a circus performer. However, unicycles are actually very practical, often more practical than a bicycle. The SBU V3 combines high-tech with good old fashion fun. A lot of people are finding that this unicycle has many advantages over the bicycle, and it is not that hard to learn.

The first thing that might come to your mind is that riding on a unicycle is unstable. Who wants to fall flat on their face? However, the SBU V3 is a self-balancing. Its advanced technology enables it to learn your body's motions as you lean forward to go and lean back to stop. You steer left and right with your hips. The thought of using no hands may scare you at first, but you will find that steering with your body is the most natural feeling. This unicycle is smart. After riding a little bit, it will seem like it is a part of your body.

Think about all the cool things that you can do now that you have two hands free. You can bring back two cups of drink instead of one. You can text twice as fast. You can eat your lunch while cruising down the street. Need to go the grocery store to get a couple of things? Just hop on and go.

Do you ever get those angry stares when you zip past a pedestrian on your bike because he thinks you are trying to run him over? What about when you try to squeeze into a crowded train with your bike? The people around you will make you feel like the most scorned person on earth. However, when they see that you have a unicycle, their scorns turn into smiles. They will welcome you into the fold because you are not hogging up four times as much space. You don't have to bother with bike locks either because you can take your unicycle right to your office and stash it under your desk.

All in all, this self-balancing unicycle is a clean and fun way to travel. It will make you happy. It will make other people happy, too.