Bike Powered USB Charger

Bike Powered USB Charger
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It's happened again: you're out on your bike, zooming down the road or over trails, and you reach for your USB device. Maybe it's your phone: you need to call home or work and let someone know that you're running late. You might need your camera: some sights just need to be captured to see again and again. Perhaps you want music for your bike ride: a sound track that will give you the energy you need to power up a tough hill or dig in and find the stamina to keep riding long after you normally would have given up. There's just one problem: your device is dead.

Out in the middle of nowhere--or even in the middle of a city, far away from your usual haunts with outlets--you don't typically have access to a charging station. What are you going to do? If you're on your bike, you'll never again have to worry about running out of power for your vital device. Simply connect it to your Bike Powered USB Charger, and you'll provide the energy needed to charge your device and get it up and running again.

The Bike Powered USB Charger is designed to fit on approximately 95% of the bikes on the market. The hub shaft diameter measurement needs only be less than 10 mm, while the clearance between the fork and the spoke should be a minimum of 8 mm. Chances are, it will fit your bike perfectly. Not only that, it isn't device specific: if your device has a USB power option, the bike powered charger can be used to charge it up. You'll never be stuck without your technology again! As long as your bike is ready to roll, you will be.

Your Burning Questions Answered

Q: Does the charger attach to the front wheel of my bike or the back?

A: Either. You can place it wherever you're most comfortable.

Q: And you're sure it will work with my phone? That's the device that I need the most.

A: The Bike Powered USB Charger is designed to work with any USB device. It doesn't care. The only exception is if your phone doesn't have a USB cable or for some reason only works with manufacturer-specific equipment. If that's the case, you should contact your phone manufacturer, since today's products are almost all universal.

Q: How heavy is the charger? Am I going to feel the difference when I'm biking?

A: The charger only weighs 500 grams. Chances are, you won't even notice that it's there.

Q: How fast can I go without hurting the charger? I wouldn't want to break it accidentally.

A: The charger is protected up to about 45 km/hour. That's about 28 miles per hour or the non-metric folks. If you're The Flash, this is not the product for you. On the other hand, it's perfect for the average biker.

Q: How long does it take for this product to fully charge and start working at peak efficiency?

A: The product takes around 1.5 hours of riding to charge up for the first time. It's not a short-term fast solution, especially the first time you use it, but rather designed for longer trips.