DIY Throwable Paintballs

DIY Throwable Paintballs
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Have you ever wished that paintball was just a little bit less painful? Sure, it's fun to shoot little globs of paint at your favorite people; but that sting as the paintball hits can be fairly painful, especially if you accidentally forget to cover all of your skin. Now, the perfect solution is here: DIY Throwable Paintballs. Not only do you get all the fun of throwing paint at your friends with none of the pain, you get to put it together all by yourself. It's a fun chemistry experiment and an opportunity to enjoy a fun game outside all in one.

The Paintball kit comes with 12 reusable molds that will allow you to shape your paintballs, all the ingredients that you need to create them, and three fun, bright colors. Not content with red, yellow, and blue? These primary colors can be mixed to create any other hue you like. Add more color to create a more brilliant paint effect or tone it down for a softer shade: the color is up to you!

These paintballs have the added benefit of not being sticky like many other forms of paint. Shortly after throwing, the paint will dry to a powder that's easier to brush off. It's the ideal way to chase the kids outside, burn off some energy, and cover everyone in bright shades of red, yellow, blue, and everything in between.

Your Burning Questions Answered

Q: Will these paintballs stain? I'm worried that my kids will end up permanently red, yellow, and blue!

A: The materials used to make the paintballs wash off of skin fairly quickly, and most of the time, they wash out of clothes, too. Play clothes that you don't mind staining, however, are recommended for playing with your paintballs, because some users have reported issues with staining.

Q: Traditional paintballs hurt when you get hit with them. Do these hurt?

A: No. These paintballs are virtually painless--more like getting hit with a water balloon than getting hit with a traditional paintball. The biggest concern would be ending up with paint in your eyes: institute a no-throwing-at-faces policy or try wearing goggles while throwing the paintballs.

Q: How many paintballs come in the kit?

A: Your kit can be used to make around 108 paintballs. That's enough for a good chunk of family play, a small gathering of friends, or a small-sized party. If you're planning to have a bigger party, you might want to consider more than one kit.

Q: Are these too babyish for an older kid?

A: Is it ever babyish to get to throw splats of paint at your friends and family members, where the target will clearly show your aiming skill and you get to make a fun mess when you're done? These paintballs are just as appropriate for older kids as they are for younger ones. In fact, they're a lot of fun for adults, too. Try them for anyone! It's just like a water balloon game, only at the end, you come out covered in paint!