Solar Glowing Mason Jar

Solar Glowing Mason Jar
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Capturing some solar rays
to use in your backyard
even when the sun is down
is no longer very hard.

Just plop this little jar down
and let it soak up the sun.
In dark it'll shine the clearer,
and shut right off when it's done!

I find things that glow really cool. Something about the light that is mesmerizing and captivating. When you add in vibrant or pastel colors, I am sold.

The reason I know about Mason Jars is because my family does some canning. I love canned peaches. I don't love canned pears. Canned jams are awesome.

These glowing and colorful mason jars are powered by the strength of the sun. To keep them glowing, they need to be placed somewhere with direct sunlight. They will fully recharge each day if they have the power giving rays of light.

These solar powered jars come with a pretty sweet LED light bulb. The bulb is pretty much a lifetime source of light. It will live and give light for over ten thousand hours. Yup, that's sweet. The way to change the color of the jar is through a switch on the inside.

A User Review For You: "All my kids have left me, I'm an empty nester. On a whim, I purchased one of these delightful glowing Mason Jars. I'm glad I did. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to buy a few more. I give them as gifts. They charge super quickly. They give off pleasant light. You can control the colors. They are nice outside or in. Strongly suggest these to everyone!"