Temperature Shower Head

Temperature Shower Head
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It's a terrible moment when you first step in the shower & you don't know whether it's going to be the right temperature or not. Even if you've taken the time to run the water before stepping under the spray, letting it warm up before it hits your body, you can still be taken by surprise--especially if the temperature has dropped outside and your water is colder as it comes into the house. Worse is the feeling of stepping into warm, steamy satisfaction only to retreat seconds later, desperately trying to adjust the temperature without allowing the scalding water to actually touch any part of your body. Now, there's a shower head that takes all the guesswork out of your shower experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the time spent under the spray instead of tensing in anticipation of a too-hot or too-cold shower.

The Temperature Shower Head doesn't just provide a readout that clearly displays the temperature of the water before you step in, though that's definitely helpful--especially over time as you learn exactly what temperature is perfect for you. It also clearly displays the general temperature in a way that even your kids will easily be able to read: blue for under 80 degrees, magenta for 80 to 110 degrees, and red for over 110 degrees. It's the perfect shower experience all wrapped up in a box.

The Features

Temperature monitoring is a great thing to have on your shower head. That feature, however, doesn't exist in isolation. The Temperature Shower Head also comes with a number of other useful features:
  • Spray holes made of soft rubber to make them easy to clean in the event of buildup
  • Water conservation technology to help prevent wasted water
  • Plenty of spray settings, including body spray settings, massage spray settings, and shampoo rinse
The Perks of Temperature Control

When you have a temperature display on your showerhead, it's safer for everyone in your household. Do you bump the temperature on your water to help extend your hot water in the summer? A clear temperature display will help prevent the kids from being burned when they step in the shower. Planning to wash your dog? You won't have to worry about burning or freezing Fido when you can clearly see the exact temperature of the shower. Knowing the temperature of the water coming out of the shower can also help you avoid freezing sensitive little ones, who will shiver and shake if their bath water is too cold. Completely aside from the benefits to yourself--after all, no one wants to either freeze or burn in the shower!--the benefits to other members of the family are immeasurable.

Once you've experienced the joys of a temperature display on your shower head, you'll never go back. Thankfully, the battery lasts for around two years, enabling you to enjoy your shower head for a long time without having to worry about replacing it. It's the perfect product for any bathroom in your house.