Boba Fett Character Lamp

Boba Fett Character Lamp
$174.95 on Amazon
The bounty hunting life is hard,
with rarely many leads.
Sometimes a freelancer's
just gotta do unpleasant deeds.

Sitting in a room all day,
lighting up the place,
is just what one must do
between jobs in outer space.

This version of Boba Fett doesn't look as mean or business like. In fact, he looks a little chubby. It's a cute chubby, but flab none-the-less. His helmet makes for a perfect light shade. It's perfect engineering. Someone was brilliant. I hear reports that Boba Fett has been shrunk for this product. 12 inches.

User Reviews For You: "Let me get this straight. A Boba Fett that looks like Boba? Yes, please. I love how this look. It's really neat. It's actually a bit bigger than I thought it was. 12 inches sounds small. But, meh, it's just right for my desk. I like looking at it all day. It reminds me of my love for everything Star Wars. If you require it to illuminate your entire room... you are expecting too much. Lil Boba Fett was created for desks and tables."

"We had our first child a month ago. As new parents, one of our goals is to make sure our kids are as big of Star Wars fans as we are. So, we bought this awesome Boba Fett lamp for the baby nursery. We absolutely love it. It's adorable. It really fits nicely and has superb details."

"I'm try to get my son into reading at night before bed. I thought this lamp would help motivate him to want to read. He sure loves it. He likes to keep it on all night. I'm not sure how he sleeps with a light on all night, but, oh well. The lamp takes a 40W bulb."

"I had to buy this. As an avid Star Wars collector, this piece was 100% a must. I am very pleased with it. It's great for desks. My desk loves having Boba Fett on it."