Foot Hammock

Foot Hammock
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Sitting behind your desk all day is often dull and boring. You're stuck in one position, often in a chair that wasn't designed to fit your body. Now, however, there's the perfect solution for that uncomfortable office chair: the Foot Hammock.

Finally Have a Place for Your Feet

If you're one of those people who is too short for your desk chair or someone whose long legs stretch way under the desk no matter what you do, figuring out what to do with your feet can be awkward! Short people don't want to tuck their feet up under them all day, but leaving them dangling can be awkward and uncomfortable when they don't touch the floor. When you tuck your feet up in the hammock, however, you have the perfect place to put them every time.

Bring a Little Vacation to the Office

You really want to be spending your day at the beach, or perhaps out at the lake. Putting your feet up and laying back in a hammock sounds like the ideal way to spend the day. You can't always take a day off when you need it most, but you can bring a little bit of relaxation to your desk. Simply sit back, put your feet up, and let yourself luxuriate in comfort. You might not be able to bring in your favorite fruity drink, but you can add an umbrella to your soda can or water glass. You can even kick your shoes off as long as it isn't against office policy. It's that much closer to vacation, right?

Prop Up After an Injury

If you've been injured and told to keep your feet up, the office can be a very awkward place to do it. Where, exactly, are you supposed to put that stool, anyway? With the Foot Hammock, you can easily prop your feet up out of the way without shuffling a stool around every time you move. Simply set it at the height that's comfortable for you, then go about your day as normal. Chances are, no one will even notice that you've got your feet up under the desk!

Make Your Home Office a Little More Comfortable

If you have a home office, you might have decided that cost was more important than comfort. You didn't pick the expensive desk chair or the desk that was custom-designed just for you. Instead, you picked something that was "good enough." Thankfully, with the Foot Hammock, you can add in an extra layer of comfort without spending a fortune. For a significantly smaller cost than a new desk or chair, you can add the hammock to your home office. Then, when you're working from home, you can put your feet up, get comfortable, and enjoy your work day.

Your office may never be like being at home, but you can make it a lot more comfortable. When you put a Foot Hammock under you're desk, you'll be able to enjoy the luxury of putting up your feet even in the middle of your work day. It's not quite the same as siting by the lake and enjoying a few quiet hours, but for a work day, it's closer than you normally get.