Wireless 3D Viewer

Wireless 3D Viewer
$998.00 on Amazon
The Sony HMZ-T3W Head Mounted 3D Viewer offers a virtual experience that most users will enjoy. It is basically like a small movie theater, but it's built just for one person: you! This innovative new product from Sony is a great idea for anyone traveling often. It seems like something out of a sci-fi movie. The specs on this thing are truly amazing. The product is a fun, interesting, and engaging experience for everyone who enjoys music, movies, and games!

The idea of having a tiny screen and speakers for one person is far out! Think of the days when headphones first came out. Some of us can remember those days. Others will just have to imagine them. When headphones came out it took a while for them to catch on, but now take a look around and you will see everyone wearing them. People wear them to do lawn work, to go jogging and even while driving (hands free mode, of course!)

In today's fast paced tech savvy world we are far beyond headphones. We can have the ultimate viewing experience. When we watch movies now we're going to have our own personal movie theater! When we play a game it's going to feel like we're actually in that world! When we watch a band play in concert it will feel like we're actually at that concert! The experience of having this product connected to your device (wirelessly) is beyond great. It's mind blowing!

The product is fantastic for anybody who travels often. Long flights will no longer be boring. They'll no longer have to force you to watch that in-flight movie of Spider Man for the 14th time. Some people are nodding along. Other people are saying, "Well, I can just use my laptop." You can use your laptop, but good luck paying attention to the movie with a baby crying and things happening all around you. This viewing screen practically immerses the viewer into the experience. It is the ultimate way to travel. The trip can be enjoyable. Best of all, you can use the viewing screen wirelessly from your mobile device.

This product is light years beyond headphones. It seems like it came right out of a science fiction novel. Can you believe that people will actually be able to get this involved in their entertainment? People will be wearing screens around their faces that will completely control what they're seeing, what they're hearing and what they feel. This product is only for serious users.

The specifications of this product are spot on. It comes in black and looks rather fashionable. It has virtual 7.1 Surround Sound and get this... It's in 3D! The Sony HMZ-T3W Head Mounted 3D Viewer is a top-notch product with great specifications. It weighs under five pounds and comes with one Lithium ion battery. This screen can enhance your viewing experience so much that you might ask yourself if you slipped into an alternate dimension and came out in the future!