Dry Erase Wall Clock

Dry Erase Wall Clock
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Have you ever wished that your clock was a little bit more interesting? Ever wished that you could decorate it depending on your mood, change it for the season, and leave notes for your spouse or kids? If so, the Dry Erase Wall Clock is the perfect product for you. This versatile clock is completely white, so you can decorate it however you like. The only limit? Your artistic abilities!

The Dry Erase Wall Clock is perfect for a number of different purposes. Consider it for:

Small children who need to know when it's okay to get out of bed. Do you have a variable schedule that determines when your little ones are allowed to come creeping out of their rooms in the morning? The Dry Erase Wall Clock will allow you to create your own personalized clock each day. Color red in the space that your child isn't allowed to get up, yellow when it's still too early, and green when it's acceptable. Each time the schedule changes, you're able to alter the clock accordingly. You don't even have to write in the numbers. The color alone will make more sense to many toddlers and preschool-aged children.

Classroom clocks for children who always want to know what's next. If you work in an elementary school classroom, you know that half of your day is taken up with reminding the kids what's next on the schedule. Now, you don't have to! Next to every hour on the clock, write in what's coming next. Looking for a better alternative to tell the kids when it's time to go home? A big box around the appropriate numbers will let them know when it's getting close.

Decorating for the holidays with flair. Do you go all out for the holidays? Shake up your entire house to fit in with the holiday decor? Now, you don't need a new clock for every season. One clock will fit all of your decorating needs. Just pull it down off the wall and decorate it. Of course, your final product will depend on your own artistic ability; but as teachers everywhere will tell you, it's amazing what you can accomplish with a dry erase marker and a little bit of tenacity!

Showcasing your child's artistic talents. Do you have a child who is always drawing something? With the Dry Erase Wall Clock, you have a product that it's safe for them to practice all of their artwork on. Just wipe it off, hand over your dry erase markers, and let them decorate to their heart's content. Caution: dry erase marker may be difficult to remove from surfaces other than the clock.

Teaching moments. Are you teaching your child Roman numerals? Working on another style of numbering? Do you want your child to be able to tell time at a glance, without having to count each minute individually? The Dry Erase Wall Clock will easily customize according to your child's learning needs.

No matter what type of clock you need, the Dry Erase Wall Clock will customize to your needs. You can decorate it, keep it plain and use it to show only the information that you need, or change it up based on your current needs. Need a more permanent solution that can still be changed at need? Wet erase markers will work beautifully on the clock while allowing you to keep your design from smearing or being accidentally erased by little fingers. This clock really is the perfect versatile solution to all your needs.