LEGO Adult Slippers

LEGO Adult Slippers
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For all of you die hard LEGO fans out there, this is something that you definitely should not miss out on. It is a pair of LEGO adult slippers. The top is shaped just like a six-prong LEGO brick. If you have LEGO sets and collectibles, this will be a great addition to them.

If you have ever stepped on a plastic LEGO brick with your bare feet, you know how painful it can be. Well, now you can fight back. These slippers are super soft and padded. They will protect your feet from pain if you accidentally step on your LEGOs. You can now walk through your living room in the dark with confidence!

The slippers come in one size. You can have a choice of red or blue. People who have purchased these slippers say that they do tend to run a little big, but that just means more room for your feet to wiggle.

Imagine playing with your LEGO sets on a cold, wintry evening, with your feet feeling toasty warm in comfort. This will sure to enhance your whole LEGO building experience.

Just because these slippers are big, that does not mean that your kids can't wear them. A small child can stick two cold little feet into one slipper and keep them warm. If you have two kids, you can give them one big slipper each. Just make sure that they do not jump around the staircase for safety's sake!

These slippers not only keep your feet warm, but they are loads of fun. Build a LEGO city, and pretend that you are a LEGO monster coming to destroy it. Stomp around with your big LEGO feet. Your kids will get a blast out of that. And best of all, stepping on the bricks won't hurt your feet!