Guitar Lighter

$8.95 on Amazon
There are many reasons that one may want or need a lighter. Having the instant power of fire right in the palm of your hand does not have to look boring. Most other lighters do not offer the cool features of this ultra neat guitar lighter. It is sure to ignite a flame of envy in your friends and acquaintances.

This hand held source of fire is seven inches wide and two and a half inches long. With this slightly larger design, it is easy to grip while lighting. The size as well as the unique design is handy for easy blind retrieval from the bottom of large purses without having to empty the bag first.

The igniter button is located in a convenient spot on the right side of the guitar, opposite the flame, where it is depressed easily while the body of the guitar rests comfortably in the palm of the hand. The flame is located on the top left of the guitar, giving the user a large amount of flame room.

This refillable cigarette lighter also has LED lighting in the neck of the guitar to add to its classic white design. The detail on this lighter is so realistic and believable; you will think that you can actually jam out a tune on it.

This cool guitar light up refillable lighter with LED lighting is the perfect gift for a smoker, a music lover, or anyone in need of a cool way to start a fire.