Skateboard Mirror

Skateboard Mirror
$200.00 on Amazon
A rad reflective board
will help you fix your face
or, after tons of sleeping,
put that bedhead back in place.

Flat against the wall,
a normal mirror's way more boring.
Something more like this
ain't gonna leave you snoring!

The skateboard mirror is created from stainless steel, mirror glass, and actual skateboard trucks. This skateboard is not made to be rode on but to be hung up as a fun mirror. Included with the mirror are some stickers to allow decoration of the skateboard mirror. The mirror is 7.5 in x 29.8 in x 5.1 in.

A User Review For You: "This thing is cute! It matches the theme of my room perfectly. It looks just like a real skateboard, which, is nice but, the mirror would be larger if the dimensions were enlarged a bit. Anywho, it's awesome and looks awesome!"