Adult Venus Flytrap

Adult Venus Flytrap
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Some people think plants are boring and can not bring any fun to their life, but that is not the truth with an adult sized Venus Flytrap Plant. The awesome plant comes in a three inch net pot and includes an instructions sheet that explains how to care for the Venus Flytrap. This is the perfect beginners plant. Most everything you will need is included in the package, except you will need a bowl or saucer to hold the pot of the plant just for the water spills. The best place to have the Venus Flytrap is near a sunny window or in a pot in the yard that will safely store and protect the plant.

Luckily, humidity domes are not necessary. Facts about Venus Flytraps that many people do not know are that the setups that come with terrariums or humidity domes do not live very long. The best life for these plants are growing in the open air so the air can flow into the soil. It will take a while for the plant to reach a decent size. It is important for the buyer to know, when purchasing this beginner Venus Flytrap that it will take about two to three years for the plant to reach the size in this listing.

The beautiful plant even comes with New Zealand Sphagum moss to fill the pot. It is also important to know that the water fed to the plant should have very few foreign particles in it because it could affect the growth of the Venus Flytrap. Many of the buyers say the product arrived fast and the plant was in excellent shape. The seller is very informative and always available to answer any questions the purchaser may have about the plant. Most recommend that unless in direct sunlight, leaving the plant outside is the best environment for the plant.

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