Disposable Lighter Torch Attachment

Disposable Lighter Torch Attachment
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Turn your simple convenience store lighter into a tiny 2300 degree blowtorch with this amazing little attachment that snaps right onto your lighter. The Soto Pocket Torch works with its own refill lighters or with with Scripto Spectra brand lighters, easily available at any convenience or hardware store. Aptly named, the pocket torch fits easily into a pocket and makes it easy to produce a strong and steady flame even in windy or wet outdoor conditions.

Not only does this handy torch attachment improve the function, heat and reliability of your disposable lighter, it also increases the lifespan of your lighter up to 60%, actually saving you money. This torch is a cost effective way to save your lighter and make it better at the same time, and single convenience store lighter can last for months with regular use of this unique and useful torch attachment. It also features the traditional two-handed lighting mechanism of a standard butane torch, making it safer to use and reducing the risk of accidental burning.

The Soto Pocket Torch boasts the unique advantage of not requiring butane to refill it. While this attachment still produces the hot and steady flame of a butane torch, it refills with a simple lighter easily found at any drug store or super market and easy to carry in emergency situations. This torch attachment makes a great wilderness fire starter option with its steady and reliable flame, its practically weatherproof design and its lightweight and easy to carry fuel source.

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