Kids Mario Kart

Kids Mario Kart
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This is the sort of thing today’s adult gamers wish they had when they were children. This item is a child-sized replica of the standard kart that Mario drives in the hit Nintendo racing games Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8. While it does not include the glider and propeller found in-game, the kart is otherwise a fantastic gift for any young child or grandchild in your life. Anyone who collects Nintendo memorabilia will love it, too. The kart also make several sounds identical to the ones in Mario Kart 7 so it feels like they’re in the middle of the game.

As the Standard kart changes colors in-game, you could also try painting it to match your child or grandchild’s favorite character. If you want to make the kart truly special, try painting it gold to turn it into the Gold Standard from Mario Kart 7, a kart unlocked in the game only by a handful of players. Because it does not come already assembled, it is also very open to customization. The kart does not take very long to assemble, taking around 45 minutes to complete.

The kart is made of sturdy, durable hard plastic sure to last through many hours on and off the race track. It has a weight limit of 55 lbs., so please take care. Just like the real thing, the kart can go forward and in reverse, includes a seat belt and features real working brake pedals. The tires can also be changed to off-road tires for adventure and fun on or off the pavement. It is a 6 volt battery-powered kart with a top speed of almost 3 mph, keeping it safe and fun for everyone. Even so, always remember to have your child or grandchild wear a helmet.

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