Army Man Bottle Opener

Army Man Bottle Opener
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Bottle openers can come in handy for many occasions, not just social events or special parties. They’re an everyday item that certainly needs to be in every home. But that doesn't mean that they need to be boring. Just like anything else, you can get them personalized to match your personality or even just a small hobby or interest that you have.

This Army Man Bottle Opener offers a fun and cute army guy atop of your bottle opener that allows you to pay tribute to the troops and also allows you to have a nice cold one during the game. They replicate everyone’s favorite traditional army men toys that most boys and girls grew up playing with. These little guys are made of genuine die-cast metal, and they measure 4.75" x 2.5" x 1". If you have a man in your life that’s an absolute challenge at finding gifts for, this could be the perfect go-to gift for him.

The Army Man Bottle Opener is a well built item and a perfect potential gift with the intention to last and impress your friends and anyone it comes across. Whether it's used as a novelty gift or one to commemorate someone that has ever served their country, it has the perfect balance of being both fun and campy in the best of ways. It's not priced too high so it has the ability to fit every budget, no matter how tight or limitless it may be.

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